Film Stella
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Movie information

Stella is 6 but she is going to school for the first time. Happy, exuberant (maybe too much) she is a lovely child, but is often absent. Her parents say she is fragile. She tells her teacher, CĂ

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Directed by: Éléonore Faucher
Starring: Elsa Hyvaert (Stella Dubois), Isabelle Carré (Céline Thibault), Émilie Dequenne (Emma Saugier), India Hair (Laetitia Dubois), Damien Jouillerot (Sylvain Dubois), Pierre Diot (Ghislain Massini)
Country: France
Year: 2019
Score: 70 %
Broadcasted on: STV1
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