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Cirkus Humberto

Series Cirkus Humberto
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Series information

Czech series about the life and work of acrobats, tamers, clowns and other employees of Circus Humberto, spanning the period from the first half of the 19th century till the time of the first independent Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1939), based on the famous novel by Eduard Bass. The novel played an immensely important role in anti-fascist resistance, as the writer saw beyond the horizon of the time of war and Nazi occupation, to the future without fascists, racial theories and one nation holding others in contempt. The series tells the life stories of six generations of the famous Humberto family - touching biographies of people for whom the circus ring became fateful.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Family
Directed by: František Filip
Starring: Radovan Lukavský (Narrator), Adolf Filip (Milner), František Nemec (Franz), Petr Hanicinec (Karas), Jana Paulová (Alice), Katja Rupé (Anezka Steenhouwerová)
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1988
Score: 80 %
Broadcasted on: ČT1

List of episodes

broadcasted 8.1. (1) Návrat - watch
broadcasted 15.1. (2) Nabídka k snatku - watch
broadcasted 22.1. (3) Carlo se loucí - watch
broadcasted 29.1. (4) Nový domov - watch
broadcasted 5.2. (5) Maringotka císlo 8 - watch
broadcasted 12.2. (6) Natrvalo - watch
broadcasted 19.2. (7) Konkurence - watch
broadcasted 26.2. (8) Láska - watch
broadcasted 5.3. (9) Rozhodnutí - watch
broadcasted 12.3. (10) Varieté - watch
broadcasted 19.3. (11) Útek - watch
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