Supported devices


Your TV doesn't allow you to install Lepšia.TV ? Doesn't matter! We have for you TV BOX. A small, handy and feature packed box that turns every TV into a multimedia center !

What is Android set-top box?

Set-top Box offers a simple and functional solution for all TV types . Installing the Android set-top box is very simple and can be done by everyone. Just connect TV BOX to your TV and the Internet, and you will suddenly get a full range of benefits than significantly more expensive Smart TV . Along with Lepšia.TV, you can then watch TV online, rewind, record , or select movies and series from a video library !

With the built-in Android 9.1 system, you can also use the set-top box to surf the web , play YouTube videos , or play games . As with smart devices, you can download and install Android apps from the Google Play online store and enjoy hours of fun!

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