What is Lepšia.TV? Why is it better?

Lepšia.TV is a modern way of watching TV. Watch anytime you want, anywhere you are. All you need is an internet connection and at least one of the following: Lepšia.TV Box, PC, Smart TV, phone or tablet. And how flexible are you? A lot. Pause live content, rewind boring parts, and record unlimited amount of shows.

Some of the many advantages of Lepšia.TV:
- the lowest price on the market
- unlimited recording
- timeshift up to 30 days back
- pause and rewind while watching
- 135 stations including premium once in the base price
- Very user-friendly
- First month for a symbolic price 1 CZK including HBO package
- TV library with 2 273 of the best movies, series, documents and  shows
- Lepšia.TV Box will turn your TV into a computer
- lowest requirements in relation to the speed of your Internet
- works on TV, phone, tablet and your computer

But there is many more amazing features! Try one month for 1 CZK - there is no doubt that you will fall in love with it. See other advantages here

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